Cursed Easels

CURSED EASELS a halloween life drawing event Warning: graphic and scary situation 경고: 잔인하고 무서운 장면이 포함되어 있습니다.   If you haven’t been to a special event at Jankura, here’s your chance to enjoy a completely unique kind of life drawing experience. Our Halloween sessions are always interesting and provide a lot of horror-based scenes to draw. This year’s event, CURSED EASELS will focus on … Continue reading Cursed Easels

인체드로잉 세션 규칙 Life Drawing Session Rules

인체드로잉 세션 규칙Life Drawing Session Rules Absolutely no photography사진촬영 절대금지 Photos of artwork made may be taken at the end of the session but no cameras can be used while the model is posing. 세션이 끝날 때 작품들을 촬영할 수는 있습니다. 하지만 모델이 포즈를 취하는 동안에는 절대로 카메라를 사용하시면 안됩니다.   Be respectful다른사람 존중하기 Any inappropriate or disruptive behavior toward the model or other attendees … Continue reading 인체드로잉 세션 규칙 Life Drawing Session Rules


Hidden Seoul with Creative Matters

This month (July 2016) Jankura Artspace had the pleasure of hosting a group of young artists from Thailand for a two-week artist residency. Creative Matters , an art academy based in Bangkok, chose Seoul for their 2016 summer art camp and Jankura Artspace as their studio. The young artists worked tirelessly day and night on their personal art projects toward the goal of exhibiting at the … Continue reading Hidden Seoul with Creative Matters