Printmaking Workshops at Jankura Artspace in Seoul

Our one and two-day printmaking workshops are great fun for anyone looking to learn something new as well as those who have experience but need the chance to play with ink again.


Linoleum Mini Block Printing Class
Sunday July 23rd
Fee: 25,000won

In this one day printmaking workshop you’ll learn the relief carving technique in linoleum in order to make your own beautiful miniature prints. Mini-prints are generally any small print (5X5 or 5X7inch). By working on a small scale, the artist is forced to concentrate on their design and technique very carefully.

Come in with an idea ahead of time or come up with something in class. We’ll transfer your image onto the linoleum block and then you’ll carve it out (like a stamp).

Workshop Fee: 25,000won (includes all supplies)

Come give printmaking a try at Jankura Artspace!


Other Printmaking Workshops Available:

  • woodblock
  • mono-type
  • linoleum block
  • dry-point
  • colograph
  • and silkscreen coming soon!
  • gyotaku

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