Until Next Time…

After 7 1/2 years of figure drawing sessions at Jankura, we’re saying goodbye with one last double event to end it all with a bang. Don’t miss your chance to get some sketching in before the lights go out.


Here it is. Our last event at Jankura: two model drawing sessions, mixed drinks and an after-party sketch-fest where anyone is welcome to hop on the stage

Come join us as we draw our final curtain (along with great models) for two sessions and more of figure drawing and fun.

In 2012 we opened with a double session like this. The first model to ever pose on our stage will return once again to take her final bow for us.

We’ll also have drinks available (Rum&Coke, Gin&Tonic etc)…

Two model sessions +
3-5pm: Model one (nude. long poses) 10,000won
6-8pm: Model two (nude and semi-nude. mixed poses) 10,000won
8pm onward: Stage free-for-all (anyone interested in hopping on stage while we drink and enjoy the night is welcome to it)

July 13th
3pm-8pm (official time but we’ll be staying on after this to keep enjoying the night)

20,000won to join both sessions
(or a single punch on a 5-session card)




One thought on “Until Next Time…

  1. What an amazing 7 1/2 yrs ,, Jankura WILL rise again !!! We will be with you in spirit as you have your last class for awhile,, what wonderful memories you will have ,,❤️ Dad and Mom


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