Resident Artist Showcase: Juha



A familiar and friendly face around Jankura for the past few years, Juha Valimaki has been cranking out artwork like a machine with his own studio since last June.





Juha (pronounced “yoo-ha”) started coming to Jankura Artspace for some of our workshops and class and then discovered a passion for figure drawing.  Originally from Finland, and here with his company, he finds drawing and painting a much needed mental escape from day to day office life. Sitting down at an easel with a good piece of paper in front of him on a Friday night is how he begins a perfect weekend.

You can see him nearly every weekend bouncing around the studio trying to capture our figure models from as many angles as possible. He’s fast, which is a good for life drawing, as the models can’t sit still forever. He often bangs out a handful of images during a single pose in order to experiment with different materials and styles. He’s even been known to try drawing with his left (non-dominant) hand just to challenge himself.

His style is reminiscent of some of Matisse’s figural studies. The sharp lines defining his subject capture gesture and contour without overwhelming the viewer with unnecessary data. Juha’s work also includes a kind of “rough grit” when he applies dry media, which creates an automatic sense that you’re looking at an old vintage era drawing.

We’ve seen great improvement in skill and confidence since Juha first stepped into our little studio in Seoul. It’s amazing to be witness to the birth of a new artist!

Come say hi next time you drop by for a life drawing session at Jankura Artspace. Juha is always happy to lend a bit of drawing advice and encouragement to those feeling daunted by the figure.

Juha Valimaki’s artwork can be found on Instagram at Merikrotti