in the making

“in the making”

퍼포먼스 아트 (행위 미술)/누드크로키 이벤트

a performance art nude life drawing event

If you’ve not been to one of our special drawing events, you’ve been missing out. Jankura brings drawing sessions to a whole new level with its special performance or themed events throughout the year.

아직한번도 잔쿠라의 특별드로잉 이벤트에 와보지못했다면 이번기회를 놓치지마세요. 잔쿠라에서는 격이다른특별 퍼포먼스 및테마이벤트가 수실진행되고있답니다.

In 2015 we explored notions of self discovery and madness with “Who am I? What am I?”
Before that we put the artists on the stage and created an “inception” theme with “Who’s Whose Muse?”
This year’s special performance art life drawing event will be a journey through the building process and one’s need for shelter against our darkest fears as we present “In the Making.”

February 25th 6-8:30pm (2 1/2-hour session)
10,000won for one session or buy a “5 Session Card” for 40,000won
참가비: 10,000원(세션 5회 참가 쿠폰을 4만원에 구입하실 수 있습니다)

Jankura Artspace hosts life drawing sessions and/or events every weekend. Sessions are open to all levels of drawing skill. Don’t be shy. Pick up a pencil and come give it a try!


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