Resident Artist Showcase

del·ti·ol·o·gist (deltēˈäləjist)
noun: a person who collects postcards as a hobby.
This week’s resident artist feature is Jay (Ye Jin Kim)

Our newest resident artist, Jay has been working up a storm over the last few months. Her current project focuses on the production of postcard-sized images and is entitled “the Deltiologist Project.”

Originally begun out of necessity, as she found herself moving about a lot and needed to keep her artworks portable and with her at all times, the small size of her work lends itself nicely to the related mail-art project that sprung from it.
Each piece, whether hand-drawn or relief-printed with linoleum blocks, gives us a small peak into what the artist had experienced that day. The intricate nature of her feverish pen drawing challenges the tiny scale of the pieces themselves and the variations in color and printing of her relief work let you feel like each one is individually designed just for you.
Being able to hold the work in your hand, flip it over and look at the back allows an intimacy that a viewer and artist rarely share.
If you’d like to be a part of the deltiologist project…
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