Weekly Art Lessons

Wednesday Nights 7-9pm
Friday January 29th 4-6pm20,000won per session
or get a set of 5 sessions for 90,000won

수요일 수업 오후7시-9시: 드로잉/수채화/아크릴…
금요일 수업 오후 4시-6시: 드로잉/수채화/아크릴…
수업 1회당 수강료 2만원
총 5회 수업 9만원

We have art lessons for anyone interested in learning how to draw or paint and want to do it in an English speaking environment.

Classes are small, so each student is able to work at their own level. We have students from all over the world attending our classes. Don’t be shy^^

Come on in and learn something new or simply improve on the skills you’ve already got. Beginners will get individual and small group instruction and more advanced artists can simply use the studio time and get feedback and tips as they work on their own ideas.


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