Wood Panel Portraits

Acrylic Painting on Wood Panels

Release the inner painter in you! All levels are welcome!

Saturday Apr 29
fee includes all materials

Bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beer and make it more fun!

From beginners to the experienced, this fun, one-day class in acrylic painting will guide students in how to approach the painting process with confidence, while exploring the basics of value, brushwork, composition and color while we tackle the subject of portraiture.

We’ll be painting onto wood panels this time which are quite nice surfaces to work on. Painting on wood is very satisfying.

Acrylic painting is a fun and controllable medium to work in. It’s fast drying, which has both benefits and drawbacks which we’ll explore in this one day workshop.

We’ll be working from a live model to produce a painted portrait. Don’t worry if you don’t have much drawing experience. It’s really all about having fun with paint, but instructions and help will be on hand for those who need it to transfer the model’s face onto your wood panel.

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