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An uncertain future

While the future of Jankura Artspace remains uncertain, I hope that doesn’t stop anyone from getting out and making art. Covid threw a big wrench into any hopes of getting a new studio up and running as quickly as I’d hoped. I had originally expected to be able to regroup and launch something new (on a smaller scale perhaps) within six months or a year … Continue reading An uncertain future

Thank You, next

Thank you to all the loyal fans, followers, students and artists who have visited us throughout our 7 1/2 years. Jankura Artspace is taking a rest. The studio is closed now and will no longer be hosting classes or events at this location. We will return after a much needed rest. Please follow us on instagram and facebook to find out when we’ll open in a … Continue reading Thank You, next

Jankura’s Final Month

  After 7 1/2 years of providing art classes, studio spaces and figure drawing sessions to the Seoul art-loving community, Jankura Artspace is closing in July. We will hopefully rise again early next year with a new space and a new program. Here’s a look what we have lined up for our final days June 29th 6-8pm: Playlist Pose Night!  You control the music. The … Continue reading Jankura’s Final Month

June 2019

Classes  June 1. Pastel Drawing Class 3-5pm (20,000won) June 8. Brush-pen Figure Drawing Lesson 3-5pm (20,000won) June 9. Calligraphy Class 1:30-4:30 (50,000won) June 12. Wednesday Paint Night 6:30-10pm (30,000won) June 15. Pop Art on Board 3-5:30pm (20,000won) June 16. Painting Pagodas (on location) 2-5pm (20,000won)   June 22. Watercolor Day  Part 1:Basics 1-3pm (20,00won) Part 2: Watercolor painting outside 3:30-5:30pm (20,000won)   Life Drawing Sessions: … Continue reading June 2019

May Art Events

  Spring is here! Let’s enjoy a bunch of fun art events at Jankura Artspace including May the 4th events and a new “Paint Like Dali” class.     May calendar 4th 3-5pm “May the 4th” drawing class (star wars) 20,000won 4th 6-8pm “Sketchbook Jedi Night” (star wars figure drawing) 10,000won 11th 1-5pm “Paint like Dali” (painting workshop) 30,000won 11th 6-8pm “Whose Pose is it … Continue reading May Art Events

April 2019

Art Workshops April 6th Cherry Blossoms & Paint Party (3-5:30pm) April 7th Intro to Modern Calligraphy (1:30-4:30pm) April 10th Jankura Paint Night! (6-10pm) April 13th Urban Landscapes (outside drawing & painting) (2-5:30pm) April 14th Sunday Morning Figure Drawing Session April 14th Printmaking: linoleum block prints (2-6pm) April 20th Beginner Portrait Drawing (3-5pm) April 27th Pop Art on Board (2-5pm) April 28th Art Making Afternoon (2-6pm)   … Continue reading April 2019

Artmaking in March

links will be added as events are finalized WORKSHOPS Mar 2nd. 3-5:30pm               Whovillustration Class Mar 9th. 3-5pm                     Drawing Basics (charcoal) Mar 10th. 2-5:30pm              Pop Art Selfies & Wine Mar 13th. 6-9pm                   Jankura Paint Night Mar 30th. 3-5:30pm              Upcycling Art Day   LIFE DRAWING:  Fridays 7:30-9:30pm & Saturday 6-8pm Fri Mar 1st.         CLOSED FOR HOLIDAY … Continue reading Artmaking in March

Art Events in February

February at Jankura Artspace   Workshops Feb 9: Experiments in Printmaking 2-5pm (30,000won) Feb 10: Art Making Afternoon 2-6pm (10,000won) Feb 16: Pastel Selfies like Renoir 2-5pm (30,000won) Feb 23: Instructed Figure Drawing 3-5pm (20,000won) Feb 24: Calligraphy Class 11am-2pm (50,000won in advance)(60,000won at the door)   Life Drawing Sessions Feb 1: 5X20 session (5 poses X 20min) 7:30-9:30pm Feb 2: Card Holder’s Day 3-5pm … Continue reading Art Events in February