Portrait Sessions


winter portrait nights


Portraits are a great challenge to many artists and something that takes constant practice. Come join us for a small group portrait session at Jankura Artspace.

Perfect for fall and winter, these casual nights in the studio are great fun and allow you lots of time to work on an image. Bring your paints and canvases or just a sketchbook and enjoy!

Wednesday Night Portrait Sessions

February 7th & 21st

March 14th


CASH SESSION: 10,000won 


Yes, three hours of portrait drawing time for those who want to get more detailed and really focus.
Our model will hold one casual seated pose for you to work from. Work on one long painting or drawing or move around the room and do a bunch of quick studies. It’s up to you.

Tips and advice can be provided to those in need but this is mostly an open session for those looking for some practice.

Sketchbooks, small canvases and paper are always for sale and other drawing supplies are available to borrow. Bring a bottle of wine to make your night more fun…