New Monthly Studio Packages

Great for summer break (or any time of year), Jankura Artspace’s new monthly packages are sure to keep you artistically motivated. For Students we have a package with lessons built in. Spend time at the studio working and practicing on your own and then get 1:1 tutored instruction in a variety of mediums. Plus, put everything you learn during the week into action during our … Continue reading New Monthly Studio Packages

Jankura Silkscreen!

Our silk screen department is open. Jankura Silk Screen serves as both a training center where people can learn how to make their own art, and as a commercial printing resource for people in Seoul to order T-shirts, posters, and other silk screenable products. So if you want to learn silk screen or you need something printed, we’ll be here! Printing Services: We’re starting with small runs … Continue reading Jankura Silkscreen!

Part-time membership

Jankura Artspace has room during the week for people to come and make use of the studio as part-time members. Hours Mon-Thurs 9:00am-11pm Fridays 9am-5pm Sat & Sun are subject to working around the workshop schedule. Special circumstances may alter the morning openings, but very rarely. 공개작업실 사용 가능 시간 월-목요일 오전 9시 ~ 오후 11시 금요일 오전9시-오후5시 토/일요일: 미리 사용 신청을 한 경우에 가능 … Continue reading Part-time membership

Come join the Jankura team with your own art studio space! Available May, 2016  Small space : 150,000won/month + 150,000 security deposit. 월 15만원 + 보증금 15만원(보증금은 사용 종료하실 때 돌려드립니다.) studio spaces  available at Jankura Artspace 잔쿠라 아트스페이스 작업용 화실공간 제공합니다. 24 hour access wi-fi, AC, microwave, refrigerator 화실 내에 와이파이, 에어콘, 전자렌지, 냉장고, 정수기가 구비되어 있습니다. free life drawing sessions twice a week … Continue reading