Artist Studio Spaces


Studio Spaces 

Do you need some space outside the house to make your art? We have a studio unit coming available very soon. Get in touch if you’d like to join Jankura Artspace.

Membership includes 24-hour studio access, WiFi, A/C, refrigerator, microwave


(available in late summer) Small space: 1.8m X 1.6m

150,000won/month + 150,000won security deposit.
월 15만원 + 보증금 15만원(보증금은 사용 종료하실 때 돌려드립니다.)

( NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE) Large space : 2.2m X 2.3m

200,000won/month + 200,000won security deposit.
월 20만원 + 보증금 20만원(보증금은 사용 종료하실 때 돌려드립니다.)


Kakaotalk: mstewartseoul

Part Time Studio Membership (CONTACT)

There is also part-time Jankura membership for those who only need a few hours to work in the studio each day.

Mon-Thurs 9:00am-11pm
Fridays 9am-5pm
Sat & Sun are subject to working around the workshop schedule.
Special circumstances may alter the morning openings, but very rarely.

공개작업실 사용 가능 시간
월-목요일 오전 9시 ~ 오후 11시
금요일 오전9시-오후5시
토/일요일: 미리 사용 신청을 한 경우에 가능

1 Month: 100,000won
3 Months: 250,000won
+ Security deposit of 100,000won (returned after term is complete)

공개작업실 등록비
1개월: 100,000원
3개월: 250,000원
+ 보증금 10만원(보증금은 사용 종료하실 때 돌려드립니다.)

and now we also have: SPECIAL STUDIO PACKAGES


Email for more details.