Art Making Afternoons

Come do your own thing and enjoy the studio environment surrounded by other art lovers. We’re opening our studio for art-making afternoons about once a month.

Come in and work on your own ideas or collaborate with friends. Bring beer or wine or whatever you like to drink to help you get loosened up and more artsy (if that’s your thing;)

Draw, doodle, illustrate, scribble or paint!
This isn’t a class.
It’s more of an art meetup.
Help and guidance is available though so don’t be shy!

Only 10,000won to join for the day.
All our art supplies are yours to use: paper, pencils, pens, pastels, ink, charcoal, brushes and paints…
(canvases are sold in the studio too)

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Dec 3rd 2-6pm

Jan 21st 2-6pm

Feb 4th 2-6pm

Mar 4th 2-6pm