october 2018

Jankura Artspace has a full calendar of great events this month to keep you artistic as autumn rolls in. We’re also celebrating #inktober with lots of ink-based classes and events.

The Inktober Challenge: on facebook

Oct 6th Pen & Ink Class 3-5pm

Oct 13th Beatrix Potter Illustration Day 2-5pm

Oct 13th Inktober in Flesh (lifedrawing) 6-8pm

Oct 14th Morning Life Drawing Session 10am-1pm

Oct 14th Ink Urban Sketching 2-5pm

Oct 20th Brush-pen Model Drawing Class 3-5pm

Oct 21st Ink On Wood (block printing) 2-6:30pm

Oct 27th Lifeless (halloween life drawing event) 6-8pm

Oct 28th Intermediate Calligraphy 11am-1pm

Oct 28th Intro to Modern Calligraphy 1:30-4:30pm

Oct 28th Halloween Weaving 5-7:30pm

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