Art in September

SEPTEMBER 2018 at Jankura Artspace

Life Drawing every weekend:

Fridays 7:30-9:30 & Saturdays 6-8pm

Silly ol’ Drawing Class (Pooh & Friends): 
Sat, Sept 1st 3-5:30 PM

Instructed Figure Drawing Class: Sat, Sept 8th 3-5PM

The Queen’s Stage (life drawing event): Sat, Sept 8th 6-8PM

Morning Figure Drawing: Sun, Sept 16th 10AM-1PM

Chuseok Theme Night (life drawing event): Fri, Sept 21st 7:30-9:30PM

Pastel Basics Class: Sat, Sept 22nd 3-5PM

Watercolor Class: Sat, Sept 29th 3-5PM

Introduction to Modern Calligraphy: Sun, Sept 30th 10AM-1PM

Macrame Keychains: Sun, Sept 30th 1:30-3:30PM

Beginner Weaving (unicorns & mermaids): Sun, Sept 30th 4-6PM

Intermediate Calligraphy: Sun, Sept 30th 6:30-8:30PM

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