October 2017 at Jankura


Here’s what we have lined up for October (inktober) at Jankura Artspace

Oct 1st 10am-1pm: morning life drawing session

Oct 1st 2-5pm: urban sketching in ink

Oct 6th 7:30-9:30pm: Korean Masked Model Night

Oct 13th 7:30-9:30pm: Friday the 13th life drawing session

Oct 14th 3-5pm: Pastel Basics

Oct 15th: Calligraphy Class 1:30-4:30 & 5-8pm (two classes)

Oct 21st 6-8pm: Hokusai’s Bday life drawing session

Oct 22nd 2-6:30pm: Silk Screen (paper-cutting technique)

Oct 28th 3-5pm: Instructed Figure Drawing (brush-pen)

Oct 28th 6-8pm: Crime Scene Sketch Night

Oct 29th 3-6pm: Bob Ross Oil Painting Party

Nov 4th 1-5pm: Kid’s Art Afternoon

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