Draw with Your Heart

Show some love and draw!



One of Jankura Artspace’s models needs our help.
She needs emergency surgery and will soon be without insurance as her working contract is ending. As part of the crowdfunding efforts, let’s get together and draw for Nati.

Our special figure drawing session this Saturday will be a cash only event. Donate however you’d like. All proceeds will go directly toward helping our friend.

Saturday July 22nd 6-8pm
Jankura Artspace
CASH ONLY EVENT: suggested donation 10,000won

Figure Drawing: this will be a short pose session. the model or models will be doing short poses 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 minute poses for us to draw from. No drawing experience is required. Come enjoy the challenge of drawing from life with us as we draw for a good cause.

Directions from Itaewon Station.
Come out exit 3 and make a U-turn. Turn left at Olive Young. Walk straight past Taco Bell for 7-10 minutes. Go left when you reach the 3 way intersection After Tous Le Jours and Hangaram Mart on the corner. Jankura Artspace is on the 4th floor of this tall building on the corner. There is a Hilltop Dentist and doctor’s office on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
bus: blue bus 405 & 421 to Korea Polytechnic


Crowdfunding page to directly donate

The Story (via crowdfunding site)

“Hospitals are scary. 

Especially when you are in another country and 9 times out of 10 no one speaks your language. 

Now imagine you are in this type of scenario, when you find out from your routine medical check up that you have a tumor and they want to schedule surgery immediately. 

On top of the fear and the stress from language barriers and being in a foreign place, you now need to come up with the cash to have the procedure. 

No more need to imagine, because this is what our friend Nati is going through. Right now. 

Nati was recently accepted into the Peace Corp. After completing her contract in Korea, she was eager to start this new journey, excitedly looking forward to using her language skills to give back to a community in Panama. As part of her volunteering for the Peace Corp, she had to undergo a rigorous physical, which is when a tumor was discovered. 

For the last few weeks, she has had to travel back and forth to a hospital almost 2 hours away for additional testing and second opinions and the expenses of the visits as well as the travel are starting to pile up. 

She is tired. She is stressed. She is scared.

She needs our help.

If you can help her ease some of the financial burden, please contribute to this fundraiser. 

Her current job contract is finished within a month, which will leave her without any medical insurance or a place to live. She has already gone through all of the money she had saved to return home and she doesn’t know where the money for the next procedure is going to come from.

Let’s take action. Let’s show Nati she isn’t alone in this.”

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