How to Mix Watercolor on the Paper

Here’s how to create a simple watercolor painting with all the color mixing done on the paper as opposed to in your pallet. For this project I used  Shinhan Art’s “Pass” watercolor/gouache hybrid.

A quick painting like this uses seven different tubes of paint and should take about an hour to make.

Step 1.

I chose a simple two-object still life where both objects were in the same color range in order to play with different values within the same pallet. I made a very light pencil drawing on my taped off watercolor paper.


Step 2.

I like to start by dropping my background in first, so I used a light, flat wash (wet on dry paper) using Blue Grey #824.


Step 3.

I then used the same color to lay some base shadows down. I’m still working with flat washes directly onto the dry paper at this point.



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